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Conclusions to Our Survey

As the society get more modernized, people become busier and food becomes in handy. Restaurants are flooded with customers almost every breakfast, lunch and dinner time. Most people prefer to dine out rather than dining in at home. But there are also some who still prefer to eat at home. We conducted a survey to see the trends of youngsters who prefer to dine out rather than just dine in at home.

In this survey, we can conclude that:

  • Majority of the youngsters who are not working get their money from their parents, while some get from their part-time jobs and also allowances.
  • In a typical week,  most youngsters have less than five meals at the restaurants. Most of them go out for dinner at least once every week.
  • Most youngsters in Brunei spend less than $10 in family type restaurants when dining out with their families and friends.
  • According to our survey, most youngsters have less than five meals at home in a week. And when it’s time for them to eat at home, food for the youngsters are mostly prepared by their mother.
  • And according to the survey conducted, foods served at home are usually fresh meat, fruits and vegetables that are being prepared at home.
  • It takes more than half an hour for most youngsters to wait for food to be served at home but it only takes less than 30 minutes for them to eat their meals with the whole family.


Slides below show the statistics of what we had gathered from our survey.

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To summarise to our survey results, we can conclude that most Bruneians’ youngsters prefer to dine out rather than dining in at home. There are more choices of food at restaurants and they do not have to wait for long for food to be served.

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